The ecological cost of increasing dependence on biomass fuels as household energy in rural Nigeria

The ecological cost of increasing dependence on biomass fuels as household energy in rural Nigeria
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Joe Obueh
In Nigeria biomass fuels now meet about 80% of domestic energy requirements. This is because the country is experiencing its worst energy crisis in its economic history, which has raised the prices of petroleum products such as kerosene and gas above the purchasing power of most consumers, especially the rural poor, who make up 70% of Nigeria's teeming population.

Forest biomass has remained the commonest source of household energy; in 1992 alone, fuelwood and charcoal production were estimated at 55 million tonnes. More than half of the 9.6 million hectares of rain forest belt in the south of Nigeria has been used to meet the demand for fuelwood in rural and urban neighbourhoods. In villages in the grassland areas of the northern part of the country that boast of about 23% of pastureland, people rely on dung as an alternative source of energy.

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Le coût écologique de l'accroissement de la dépendance a la biomasse en tant que combustible domestique en milieu rural au Nigéria
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La consommation de la biomasse énergie au Nigeria tend a croître du fait de l'inflation des prix des produits pétroliers. La déforestation est un problème majeur dû à l'accroissement de la population et à la consommation de la biomasse énergie. La sur-exploitation de la forêt a conduit à la dégradation des terres, la perte de fertilité des sols, la réduction de la faune et une pollinisation des arbres moins importante, A l'échelle mondiale, la diminution des surfaces forestières signifie la réduction du gaz carbonique absorbée à partir de l'atmosphère.

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