Monitoring ECO-house performance as if people mattered

Monitoring ECO-house performance as if people mattered
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Lilia A. Abron, Douglas Guy
PEER Africa (Pty) started the ECO-housing program in 1995 as a solution to several prevailing environmental and social problems occurring in the South Africa low-cost (mass) housing market sector. The company started the project in a township area called the Community of Kutlwanong.

PEER Africa's 'environmental and energy concerns' are based on the general condition of the environment in South Africa (and other developing countries), which is undergoing major change, particularly in 'black settlement areas'. Much of this concern is due to the need to use biomass as a source of energy by the poor population residing in informal housing, and the homeless. The use of these fuels has resulted in deforestation, hazardous indoor air quality due to high pollutant levels, and major respiratory disease problems among women and children.

The PEER Africa ECO-Homes were designed using a passive solar design computer package called Energy 10, which was specifically developed for small and medium-sized buildings. Passive solar design uses simple techniques that improve a building's energy performance and its environmental sustainability through day lighting, passive solar heating, proper orientation to the sun, thermal mass, heating and cooling by natural ventilation, and proper shading. Passive solar design integrates a building's elements - walls, windows, materials, lighting, mechanical systems, etc. - in ways that improve the overall energy and environmental performance year around...
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Observation des performances d'une maison écologique
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Des maisons utilisant une conception solaire passive ont été construites afin d'améliorer la performance environnementale des habitations situées dans les banlieues Kutlwanong, en Afrique du Sud. Le projet a réussi à lier développement économique durable avec les priorités de la communauté que sont un habitat décent et l'emploi.

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