Consumer response to mobile solar water heating in the low-income sector, South Africa

Consumer response to mobile solar water heating in the low-income sector, South Africa
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Ketlametswe Nkambule
15.5 million people in South Africa live without indoor water and modern electric or gas geysers in their homes. The absence of such plumbing, as well as the cost of the systems themselves, generally precludes a fixed water heating system for this population. As a result of this situation, water most often is heated by burning traditional fossil fuels indoors, and at very low efficiencies.

This article presents a summary of results of a small consumer acceptance survey of mobile solar water heaters, conducted by IIECAfrica during December 1999. The survey was conducted in Ivory Park, a low-income township in Midrand, North of Johannesburg. IIEC chose to test mobile solar water heating devices for their potential benefits, which include zero operating costs, and zero emission characteristics. IIEC focused on consumer response as an unexplored feature of market change in the solar arena.
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