Fuel for lighting - an expensive commodity

Fuel for lighting - an expensive commodity
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Evan Mills
For the world’s two billion users of fuel-based lighting, the cost of lighting their homes rivals that of affluent households who enjoy the vastly higher levels of quality, safety, and services provided by electric light. According to the World Bank, 24% of the urban population and 67% of the rural population in developing countries are without electricity today.

Unlike heating or cooking, lighting is one of the energy end uses that is often associated exclusively with electricity. But the reality is different: In fact, about a third of the world’s population uses fuel-based lighting. The extent of rural electrification varies widely from country to country, e.g. about 90% of the population in Africa is not served by grid electricity, versus 20% in Mexico. Some countries (e.g. Burundi and Rwanda) have barely passed the 1% electrification threshold...
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Combustibles pour l’éclairage domestique: une marchandise onéreuse
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Environ un tiers de la population mondiale utilise des combustibles pour l’éclairage particulièrement les populations pauvres. A cause de son faible rendement, il est pénible de lire ou de travailler à partir d’un éclairage à base de combustible. Une lampe à kérosène fabriquée localement ne produit que le centième d’une lampe à incandescence de 100 W. L’éclairage à base de combustible est plus onéreux pour une qualité de service nettement inférieure. En outre la qualité de l’air dans les foyers est affectée négativement.

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