Gaining ground in community micro-hydro power development in Kenya

Gaining ground in community micro-hydro power development in Kenya
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Stephen Gitonga, James Mureithi, Daniel Theuri
his article is a case study of work being developed by ITDG East Africa and the Ministry of Energy in Kenya, with financial support from UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme. The project idea started with a meeting between the Ministry of Energy and ITDG staff in Marc 1997 as a result of the emerging potential of the micro-hydro sector in Kenya. Consequent activities, included seeking for financial support among the following components, started in May 1998:

* A feasibility study
* The installation of one microhydro scheme
* A database for microhydropower development in Kenya

The feasibility study involved identifying suitable sites country-wide for community micro-hydro power schemes. A detailed desk study of the legal statutes was important as micro-hydro power generation involves various aspects of resource management, such as water use, land use and ownership. The study included a background of the general situation of microhydro activities in the country.

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Développement communautaire des micro-centrales hydroélectriques au Kenya
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Cet article met en relief les défis à relever lors du lancement d’un projet de micro-centrale dans un pays qui ne dispose pas d’une infrastructure adaptée à ce type de projets. L’auteur souligne les aspects qui ont été couverts et ceux qui devraient être pris en considération dans le futur.

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