Learning to listen to the poor

Learning to listen to the poor
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Margaret Foster
Very poor people are usually women, frequently ‘invisible’ to the outside world because of socio-cultural or religious reasons. Their voices are rarely heard because they are often illiterate and they lack the confidence and status to speak out within their own communities. If outsiders reinforce this situation by ignoring women, and looking instead for expertise held by (usually better-educated) men, they risk missing out on some of the most important and relevant issues. One of these key issues is the availability of adequate, renewable, cheap and healthy energy resources.

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Apprendre à écouter les pauvres
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Les femmes en situation de pauvreté, souvent, ont le plus à perdre. Cette tendance est renforcée par le fait que souvent l’expertise des femmes n’est pas prise en compte. L’auteur considère les travaux antérerieurs dans ce domaine et donne un aperçu d’un manuel en cours consacré cette question. Le manuel est explicitement centré sur les atouts dont les femmes disposent et les contraintes auxquelles elles font face. L’énergie est considérée comme un facteur influençant chaque aspect de leur quotidien.

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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