Increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions in traditional cooking stoves

Increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions in traditional cooking stoves
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Dean Still, Larry Winiarski
In 1976 consultants from the Aprovecho Research Center helped to design the Lorena stove in Guatemala. The massive, earthen Lorena stove has been built in many countries since then. The design has some attractive features: the stove is made from rammed earth so material costs are low, its chimney removes smoke from the kitchen and it can be attractive. However, further studies at Aprovecho have shown how to improve the stove. More modern designs can achieve better fuel efficiency while producing fewer emissions and less smoke.

Dr. Larry Winiarski, Technical Director at Aprovecho, has devised a set of design principles which can be adapted to many types of cooking stoves so that while the outside of a particular stove may look the same, the stove becomes more efficient. These principles are described below; the design principles can be applied to many stove designs including bread ovens, heating stoves,water heaters, incinerators, kilns and dryers.

The latter part of this article describes a set of cooking stoves which are based on these principles, and are now proving very successful in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Another version of the stove is described in this edition in the article by Rogério C. de Miranda and Frances G. Tilney entitled The modernization of small business through the Ecostove in Nicaragua.
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