The development and marketing of Upesi stoves - a case study of successful women from West Kenya

The development and marketing of Upesi stoves - a case study of successful women from West Kenya
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Hellen N. Owala
In the late 1980s, ITDG identified a need to work with women potters in West Kenya to help them diversify the range of pottery products they were producing. In order to encourage women to produce stoves to meet the energy needs for their communities, some key problems that had to be overcome were identified by ITDG:

* It was felt among NGO partners that women were not able to use the paddle mould, which was being used for moulding the stove (Figure 1)
* In some cases the women too did not believe that they could produce and market quality stoves, and their entrepreneurial skills were doubted
* The women, including the female technical trainer, thought that they would not able to build the kiln needed to fire the stoves

ITDG was convinced that the women could produce and market stoves, so went on to implement the project. The activities, involving women in West Kenya, have been undertaken in phases.
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Développement et commercialisation des foyers améliorés: Une réussite d’un groupe de femmes de l’ouest du Kenya
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A la fin des années 1980, ITDG a entamé avec des potières du Kenya Ouest, un projet de production et de commercialisation de foyers améliorés dénommés UPESI. Le projet a mis en place un programme de formation, établi un réseau rural commercial, et entrepris des recherches sur des meules améliorées. L’impact le plus significatif, et certainement le plus durable, se traduit en termes d’emplois, réduction de la pauvreté, meilleure formation, et amélioration des relations entre hommes et femmes.

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