Improved stoves as a means of poverty alleviation

Improved stoves as a means of poverty alleviation
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Didier Bazile
Fuel wood (charcoal and firewood) is the main source of household energy in Madagascar; a situation which is alarming because the country’s forest areas are decreasing by 2.5% per year.

Madagascar is ranked economically among the poorest countries of the world, and therefore substitute fuels, such as gas or oil, are not affordable for the majority of households. Given the absolute necessity for the population to use fuel wood, it is important to have an energy policy which aims to limit depletion of the country’s natural resources. The two main objectives of the Woodfuel Energy Saving National Program (PNEBE) are:

* to reduce consumption of wood fuel
* to alleviate the cost of household energy.

This study is designed to measure the economic impacts of the massive dissemination programme of improved stoves throughout the country. Only direct impacts for the beneficiaries (households) resulting from improved stoves dissemination will be measured.
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Foyers améliorés comme un moyen de lutte contre la pauvreté à Madagascar
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Madagascar est classée parmi les pays les plus pauvres. Une étude mesurant l'impact économique d'un programme à grande échelle de foyers améliorés montre que les économies d'énergie représentent environ un mois du salaire moyen d'un travailleur de cette région. Le modèle informatique utilisé pour cet exercice peut être extrapolé pour étudier l'impact de programmes de foyers améliorés dans d'autres villes.

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