Strengthening NGOs and CBOs working with traditional household energy issues

Strengthening NGOs and CBOs working with traditional household energy issues
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Auke Koopmans
Worldwide some two billion people have no access to electricity, and the same, or maybe even a larger number of people, rely on traditional fuels such as firewood, charcoal, agroresidues, and dung for cooking and heating.

Hundreds of millions of women and children, particularly in rural areas, will keep spending several hours a day collecting and transporting firewood for food preparation, in many cases using poorly operating stoves in kitchens that often have very little means of ventilation. As a result air pollution levels in kitchens, which often also serve as a social gathering place for the family, are high. Acute respiratory infections (ARI), eye infections, low birth weight, etc. as well as more chronic diseases like chronic obstructive lung diseases (COLD), are diseases which appear to be much more common in women and children who spend long times in these polluted surroundings. In addition there is also increased evidence that smoke exposure may increase the risk of developing tuberculosis and other diseases.

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Renforcement des ONG et Organisations communautaires impliquées dans les énergies traditionnelles
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Quelque 2 milliards de la population du globe n'a pas accès à l'électricité et dépend la biomasse pour les besoins de cuisson et de chauffage. Les changements sont relativement lents ce qui tend à affecter la santé de ces populations. Des interventions telles que les foyers améliorés, la ventilation et les cheminées sont généralement en mesure d'atténuer les émissions de fumée. ARECOP et RWEDP ont abordé ce problème grâce à une information approfondie et des interventions de terrain de manière à ce que les praticiens locaux soient en mesure d'évaluer, selon le contexte, les modèles de foyers proposés ainsi que d'autres solutions. Les résultats semblent prometteurs.

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  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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