Getting to know the change agents

Getting to know the change agents
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Grant Ballard-Tremeer
Energy improvements in households are important levers for improving the position of women within the family, providing opportunities for home businesses, and improving health, particularly for young children. These improvements can make a real contribution to poverty alleviation and improved livelihoods. As people belonging to organizations working in the field of household energy, we know how important energy improvements are, but how do we convince others of these benefits and bring about the changes in society that are needed?

Changes come about, for better or worse – in society, in the world, in a country, a region, or an organization – through the activities of people. Positive changes come about through the actions of people who have the courage to take the lead when it comes to changing things for the better. These people are the ‘change agents’, and if household energy organizations want to make a difference, it will be through being change agents, and through influencing other change agents.

Change agents are positive people: they do not see problems – they only see challenges. Change agents also have the ability to motivate others to accept change. They are contributing members of society and of their workplace.

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Les agents de développement peuvent être définis comme les personnes disposées à entreprendre des actions visant à des changements positifs au sein de la société. Au sein du secteur de l’énergie domestique, les acteurs de terrain doivent être au courant des changements dans la communauté en montrant comment des investissements visant à améliorer l’approvisionnement en énergie vont conduire à des revenus durables. Le dialogue et les réseaux d’acteurs doivent être les moyens privilégiés de communication de la connaissance.

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