From Artisans to Entrepreneurs: Understanding the role of small business for energy access

From Artisans to Entrepreneurs: Understanding the role of small business for energy access
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Robert Aitken, Johannes Kruger
The Developing Energy Enterprises Project East Africa (DEEP EA) provides a number of crucial lessons on the nature of support needed to stimulate private sector-led energy access initiatives in Africa. The project has discovered how to develop people from artisans to entrepreneurs.
Throughout the project, there has been an effective non-technical shift in business performance, which (along with the technical abilities) has raised the performance of a significant number of these DEEP EA supported businesses. Overall, the project has developed a deeper and more textured understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship in East Africa. The small and micro-business model that emerges presents a blend between certain defining features of the formal economy and other features with a distinct ‘informal economy’ nature. The outcome is a blend that is more in-tune with the socio-economic realities of not only the entrepreneurs themselves, but the market they service. This is where a great deal of support should be aimed if the private sector is to play its indispensable role in meeting the Sustainable Energy for All targets by 2030.
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