Low Carbon Development and Energy Access in Africa

Low Carbon Development and Energy Access in Africa
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Haruna Gujba, Yacob Mulugetta, Jabavu Nkomo, Youba Sokona
The developmental challenges facing Africa means significant improvements in key socio-economic and human development indicators become priority. Access to adequate, reliable and secure modern energy services is one of the main pre-requisites for these to happen. However, the critical need for meeting the development goals and expansion of modern energy services in the continent need not follow the conventional patterns of development where increased economic growth and development have often been accompanied by increased GHG emissions, which are the main cause of climate change. Low Carbon Development offers Africa a new pathway to achieving its development goals using less carbon while at the same time building resilience to the impacts of climate change. There are ample opportunities and strategies available to Africa to maintain and improve economic growth without ‘locking-in’ carbon intensive technologies and practices into its future development. The vast potential and variety of renewable energy resources in the continent also provides opportunities for developing a sustainable energy system that will provide access to cleaner and secure modern energy services. It is thus imperative for Africa to address the barriers to low carbon development alongside modern energy access in the continent.
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