Mercy Corps: 10 steps for carbon credit supported projects

Mercy Corps: 10 steps for carbon credit supported projects
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Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps supports initiatives that fulfil our development mandate; where these also reduce greenhouse gas emissions we can look for financial support through the development of carbon credits. The following steps are a general overview of the process to get carbon-related funding and what is expected of:
• Mercy Corps: the project developer and implementer
• The carbon retailer: the business that can sell credits on the carbon market
• The carbon verification body: the organisation responsible for determining the eligibility of your carbon credits.
The actual process may not follow these steps in the exact order they are listed and will also be influenced by the technology adopted and the chosen Standard and Methodology. However, the purpose of this document is to provide a simple outline of the terminology and to aid decision making on whether or not carbon revenue is an appropriate source of funding for your project. A checklist is provided at the end for this purpose.
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