Helpline Expert response by Ben Good, GVEP International

Helpline Expert response by Ben Good, GVEP International
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Ben Good
Three years ago Jude Kabanda began his business and Community Based Organisation, Friends of the Environment (FEO). Operating from Makindye, a suburb of Kampala in Uganda, his company produces briquettes for local people and businesses.

Briquettes are a source of fuel, sometimes made of charcoal dust, but in other forms can be environmentally sustainable, made by solidifying biomass waste products, such as sawdust, bagasse (made from sugarcane stalks), coffee husks, maize cobs and paper.

It used to be that all of his briquettes were handmade, the sales of which made him less than UGX 100 (US$ 0.04) a week. He quickly acquired a small machine, but he found that his products were still poor quality and prone to smoking. “They didn’t perform as well as the charcoal people were using before”, says Jude, “so they just stopped buying.”

What steps can be taken to help Jude and energy entrepreneurs like him transform their businesses into viable enterprises?
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