Market development: An efficient way to boost household energy solutions

Market development: An efficient way to boost household energy solutions
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, Willem Nolens
At a time where grid extension and decentralized mini-grid projects are still the most common approach to rural electrification, the 2010 Ashden Award winner Rural Energy Foundation (REF) goes about things in a different way. Using a market development approach, REF builds and supports a supply chain from import all the way to the end-user, including end-user finance schemes. The focus is on effectively reducing the three main barriers to growth: availability, awareness and affordability. In doing so, REF has facilitated access to renewable energy to an estimated 500,000 off-grid people in nine African countries, at a support cost of less than US$5 per connected person. But most importantly, it has created a financially sustainable supply chain that lasts long after completion of the intervention. What are the keys to this success? - and will market development also work for other energy solutions?
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