The Off-Fire Reboiling Pot: Improvement to Cooking Pot Design Contributes to Eco-protection

The Off-Fire Reboiling Pot: Improvement to Cooking Pot Design Contributes to Eco-protection
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This article introduces the Off Fire Reboiling pot, an innovative energy-saving cooker design which has been on the market in China since 2005. The main advantage of the Off Fire Reboiling pot is that the pot can be taken off the cooking stove as soon as the water boils but the food inside will continue to cook. The food will continue to simmer at or near boiling point temperature until it is thoroughly cooked due to the properties of the pot. As a result, the pot can reduce energy consumption for cooking by up to 55% as the food does not need to be on the stove throughout the entire cooking process. The amount of energy saved makes up for the cost of purchase in 1-2 years. Today, an increasing number of manufacturers are producing the Off Fire Reboiling pot to meet increasing demand.
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Ayuda en línea: Marketing de the Off-Fire Reboiling Pot in India
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En este apartado el equipo de ayuda “Boiling Point” nos presenta un dilema de energía para los hogares o una pregunta recibida de nuestros lectores, con consejos de expertos internacionales.v

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