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Membrane Gas Holders

Taken from: http://biogasproducts.co.uk/downloads/Why_BioGas_Holder.pdf

The traditional methods of biogas storage on wastewater treatment sites where anaerobic digestion is used have been:-
• A steel fabricated floating roof located on top a concrete digester tank
• A stand alone biogas holder comprising of a concrete tank filled with water, to provide a gas seal, and a steel fabricated floating ‘bell’

Both the roof/bell rise and fall as biogas is produced and used with the weight of the structure providing a constant pressure in the biogas pipework collection and delivery system. The movement of the roof/ bell is monitored by an ultrasonic level sensor which is used to control the operation of gas utilisation plant such as boilers, CHP engines and flares.

These traditional designs are a proven, reliable solution for the storage and pressurisation of biogas. The new build of anaerobic digesters on wastewater treatment sites has been minimal during the last 25 years and therefore a need for an alternative solution for biogas storage has attracted little interest. That is until now.
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