Biogas From Sewage converted to CNG

This is indeed very interesting. I believe what is being referred to in the fist sentence is a similar process that being undergone in in Germany and Sweden where they are processing Biogas to produce an enriched form which is then fed into the Natural Gas grid. In this case in New Dehli this natural gas grade biogas will be used to fuel the cities buses.

This article http://www.indianexpress.com/news/cng-from-biogas-will-fuel-dtc-buses/791804/ explains that currently the biogas produced in New Dehli is at a 60% CH4 concentration and that this needs to be concentrated to reach 90% CH4 to be at a suitable grade for use as a transport.

Very interesting that Dehli has the largest fleet of CNG run buses as well - a lot to learn from this.
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