PISCES E-conference

E-conference close and evaluation

Dear All,

Thank you for your participation in the PISCES Participatory Market Mapping E-conference, this conference is now closed. A summary of the e-conference proceedings will follow.

We would however very much like to provide the opportunity to continue discussions from this e-conference in our Marketing SIG (special interest group). Please email Miriam at hedon.info if you do NOT want to be transferred to the marketing SIG. The marketing SIG sign up can be found at http://www.hedon.info/MarketingSIG.

In order for HEDON to improve the facilitation of our e-conferences we would gratefully appreciate your time in filling out our online survey. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time and can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3QDQ2Q7 or by following the link at the top of the main conference webpage http://www.hedon.info/PISCES+E-conference. If you wish to give more detailed feedback please do so by emailing mailto:Miriam@hedon.info, we gratefully value your input.

If you have enjoyed this e-conference and are interested in further details about PISCES, the work that they do or publications of theirs please visit: http://www.pisces.or.ke/.

Thank you for your participation,

Best wishes

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