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An Introduction to: Participatory Market Mapping in Kenya

Dear Kiprono

Thank you for raising this issue. Looking at information flow is an important part of a market development process. The Kenya workshop included a session on knowledge and information flow and participants also drew lessons on how to put the knowledge gained into practice, through a field visit. The field visit was to a successful business that deals with the whole “seed to ash” cycle – research, production, management, processing for wood and charcoal products.

Understanding the flow of knowledge within a market system can lead to improved relationships and collaboration amongst market chain actors, and has the potential to contribute to improving the status of market actors particularly the marginalised ones. In the charcoal sector we learnt that it can contribute to the better use of available resources such seedlings, trees, kilns, and encourage collective action such as the formation of associations, among others. Some of the new knowledge picked up by participants in the Kenya workshops, by comparing the two value chains and through the field visit, included simple improved tree management techniques, small scale improved charcoal production methods, sustainable use of existing trees and growing appropriate indigenous trees for charcoal.


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