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Welcome to Thursdays presentations - summary from Wednesday

Dear All,

Welcome to the fourth day of the PISCES E-conference. There have been some very exciting discussions over the past three days and we look forward to continued input and discussion from you all.

Yesterday we had two presentations where both presenters were working for organisations based in Chennai, India. The first presentation on Participatory Market Mapping for the use of biomass energy in the Malwa biomass plant by Santosh from MSSRF led to discussions around the need to address county policy in order to encourage micro enterprises and allow open access to electricity and allow electricity tariffs to be at competitive rates. Whilst there are still many barriers to overcome Santosh summed up from his presentation that “the Market Mapping exercise has provided an opportunity to engage all market actors among themselves. PMM enabled policy makers to recognize and appreciate the constraints and barriers in implementing biomass based renewable project.”

In the afternoon Sachin from IFMR presented on the base of the pyramid distribution challenge and posed a very interesting question,

“Inspite of the demanding and complex nature of rural BoP markets, how does a manufacturer or a producer with his limited resources take his products to these markets in a scalable and sustainable manner?”

Whilst it was agreed there are no easy answers to this the need for private participation or investment intensive approaches were suggested as methods to overcome these barriers. I wonder whether other presenters or participants have further views on this?

There was also continued discussion surrounding the market growth of the solar industry with Yotam. Barriers including the need to bridge the gap between government regulation and market actors which requires solar energy stakeholders to advise and inform government officials of the benefits of the technology. Further discussion product lifecycle analysis and an interesting point made about the ability to recycle parts of PV technology which beings both environmental and economic benefit to users in developing countries with examples of such programmes in Thailand.

Today we welcome Namiz and Tameezan from Practical action. Both have been involved in Participatory Market Mapping exercises in Sri Lanka and Kenya. Ewan has also been involved in the workshops and is available today for questions surrounding these topics. Namiz and Tameezan will attempt to answer when they can get access to the internet.

The full report on Bioenergy Market System Development Comparing Participatory Approaches in Kenya and Sri Lanka, can be found at http://www.pisces.or.ke/pubs/index.html

This evening is also the HEDON London RIG where we will be hearing from Lucho Osorio, International Coordinator Markets & Livelihoods Program, Practical Action; Emma Wilson, Senior Researcher, Sustainable Markets Group, IIED; Ewan Bloomfield, Energy Consultant and International Project Manager, Practical Action Consulting.
This evenings presentations will focus on the methodology of Participatory Market mapping (PMM)- A new tool in energy and development; community perspectives on bio-energy for development and case studies of how participatory market mapping has been applied in Kenya and Sri Lanka’s biomass market systems. For anyone based in or near London this is being held at City University you are most welcome to attend. Please see http://www.hedon.info/LondonRIG_24March2011 for further details.
Dear all.

Thanks Miriam for initiating this discussion. Comparing both Sri-Lankan and Kenya PMM, I realized that information flow mechanisms have not been given much attention in the model. It is important to recognise the enormous influence that the media can and other communication facilities have in the entire market network.

Is there anyone who think this is lacking in the PMM or has not been given enough attention?

Is communication flow and information sharing important in strengthening the market network?

We may also want to know how PMM has been done in other countries so i will request participants to give a short overview of such cases from their countries.


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