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Introduction to presentation: "The study of markets within economic sociology as a conceptual framework, and using market mapping as a tool for PhD research" by Gill Davies

Dear Elizabeth,

That is a very interesting point as women are often the ones who collect
fire wood and carry out the chores in many developing countries, did either
Ewan or Gillian find any examples where addressing gender differences and
roles would impact PMM?

Best wishes

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> A Message from Elizabeth Cecelski
> I have been through the presentations posted to date. I like the use of
> the different media. (Though the figure in first presentation is not
> legible even when enlarged.)
> One question that arises immediately for me, being from ENERGIA, is how to
> integrate a gender perspective in PMM? It would seem easy but so far I
> haven't seen any attempt at gender differentiation. Yotam Ariel did give
> some good examples of benefits with women as well as men, but in the video
> all the speakers, technicians etc are men.
> I have just come back from Dakar helping PERACOD (GoS-GIZ project building
> sustainable markets in SHS and improved stoves) to develop a Gender Action
> Plan. One of the actions included in the GAP is to use
> gender-differentiated approaches in promotion, product design and finance.
> Gender-specific targets for training, enterprises and revenues, and
> consumer benefits are also included.
> These approaches would seem applicable to PMM too.
> best,
> Elizabeth Cecelski
> Technical Adviser
> ENERGIA International Network on Gender & Sustainable Energy
> www.energia.org
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