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Summary from Monday

Dear E-conference participants,

Thank you to all who participated in the first day's discussion in the e-conference. Today gave the opportunity to further understand participatory market mapping and be introduced to the concept of market driven approach.

Questions were asked concerning Ewan's paper about whether market mapping has been used simply for existing markets and whether it could be a useful tool for establishing markets for household energy devices such as solar lanterns. Ewan responded that its most useful for existing markets such as biomass markets which is used widely in developing countries but that it can be a useful tool to identify potential barriers and key stakeholders in the market establishment for new products.

This afternoon some very interesting discussions and points were raised around the social structure of emerging marketing. Questions were asked on religious, cultural influences on markets and the possibility of a integrating a gender perspective to participatory market mapping. This highlighted the complexity of some of the societal challenges surrounding market mapping and the importance of being aware of the culture barriers which can have a significant impact on whether a product successfully enters a local market.

Thank you to all those who presented. If you have further questions for any of the presenters as the conference continues discussions remain open until the 1st April so please feel free to participate.

Best wishes

United States
I would like to re-visit yesterday's discussion on culture, religion etc. and their impact on participatory market mapping. I would like to know if anyone in this group is an economic anthropologist and if so, could they share their experiences with us?
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