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Introduction to presentation: "The study of markets within economic sociology as a conceptual framework, and using market mapping as a tool for PhD research" by Gill Davies

Hi Haitham, 'market-driven approaches' is the term I've used to describe projects or programmes that focus on developing the supply side of renewable energy technologies (RETs), rather than only working directly with end-users (though it may be in combination - for example it could include a microfinance service that is available to both suppliers and consumers). Such approaches can engage with local markets in different ways, but generally support local businesses or entrepreneurs that are in or want to enter the market system in some capacity. An example is UNEP's Rural Energy Enterprise Development (REED) initiative (e.g. www.areed.org). I've spoken with NGOs that use 'market-driven approach' in the same way, but I don't know how widely the term is used.

Nguelo, many thanks for your comment. In response to your question, I first decided on the two different regions in order to have an interesting comparison. In then deciding the specific countries I narrowed it down to countries where English or French is reasonably widely spoken for pragmatic reasons. Malawi, Senegal and Mali all host particular projects that I'm interested in, though if for some reason I cannot focus on these after all I will look for other options. As a student at the University of Edinburgh, Malawi also has the attraction of having strong historic links with Scotland, including the Scotland Malawi Partnership (www.scotland-malawipartnership.org).

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