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An Introduction to: Participatory Market Mapping in Kenya and Sri Lanka from Ewan Bloomfield, Practical Action

Dear Yotam

If you visit the following link on Practical Action's website you can find additional information and resources about Participatory Market Mapping including lessons on facilitating PMM workshops. http://practicalaction.org/pmsd-participatory-market-mapping-workshops

The PMM approach is applicable to any market and energy system, including solar and wind, although these are typically much less mature markets than charcoal or biomass, so often do not have well established market actors. The PMM approach is useful when a market exists but is not functioning as well as it could because there is limited communication and interaction between actors along the market chain.

If a new energy technology is being introduced to a community it is useful to map the existing energy market to gain a better understanding of how energy is reaching individuals. This will be very useful in understanding how a new energy technology might better meet the needs of the households through a sustainable energy delivery system.

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