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An Introduction to: Participatory Market Mapping in Kenya and Sri Lanka from Ewan Bloomfield, Practical Action

A response from Ewan:

Participatory market mapping of a particular energy system, such as charcoal production in Kenya, starts with the identification of all the market actors - this includes the charcoal producers, the kiln builders, the charcoal transporters and charcoal sellers, as well as other stakeholders such as local government, forestry services, environmental organisations and charcoal users. Representatives are invited to a workshop where they are able to interact with each other to produce a map of the entire market chain from the initial capture of the energy (in the form of trees for charcoal) right through to its delivery to users (as bags of charcoal), including all the supporting services and the enabling environment.

Once the 2 case studies in Kenya and Sri Lanka have been presented on Thursday it will become more obvious how the mapping out of particular bioenergy markets, by the market actors themselves, can allow the gaps and blockages to be identified. Only once they've been identified can steps be taken to try and overcome them.

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