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PISCES Market Mapping E-conference starts on Monday: How to prepare

Dear PISCES E-conference delegate,

This email aims to give you information about the practical details of how the forthcoming PISCES conference on participatory market mapping will be managed, and what you can expect from it. The scenario conference, currently with 60 signed up participants, starts on Monday. There will be one week of presentations and a following week open for discussions.

Conference website:

As most of you will already know the conference website can be accessed at: http://www.hedon.info/PISCESMarch2011 . Please make sure you are signed in, once signed in to HEDON page registered members can click on the orange “click here” text to see the presentations.

How the conference will work:

1. On Monday 27 March, you will receive an email welcoming you to the conference. Following this, PISCES members and associates will make their presentations, also by email, and consisting of brief summaries of their scenario analysis. The full paper from each member will be available to download from the following page of the conference website: http://www.hedon.info/PISCES+E-conference

2. At any time during the day, please feel free to write your comments, questions and reactions. These can be posted on the online forum http://www.hedon.info/forum17 (this can be accessed by clicking “Go to forum” on the main conference page) or sent by email. Please try to keep the subject line relevant, your contributions brief. There is also no need to include the whole original email in your message since everyone will have received it already.

3. During the conference please make your contributions at any time by emailing the conference email address - pisces at hedon.info . The email system will automatically distribute your message to all signed up participants.

4. If possible, please send contributions in plain text (not HTML) and without attachments. If you would like to refer to an attachment, please visit the conference website and upload it in the further resources section at the bottom of the page containing the presentation documents, before sending your email if possible. If you do send HTML emails or attachments the distribution will be delayed while we moderate your message, and possibly detach them. Please remember that many people do not have fast and cheap Internet access.

5. Towards the end of each day a short summary will be distributed: we will do our best to capture the main issues and set the scene for the next day. Of course you are welcome to keep the discussions going at any time of the day.

6. If the number of emails gets too many, you can easily change your forum set up to 'watch' only certain discussion threads. By ensuring the eye on the main forum has a red cross in the corner means you WILL receive these emails. If you wish to select only one discussion thread simply click on the eye to remove the cross and then enter the thread you wish to follow and click on the eye in this thread to place a red cross and watch that thread. All discussions can be accessed via the forum, we do however recommend you enable the email access to ensure you don’t miss out. If you need any help doing setting this up, please email me.

7. To get the most out of the conference we hope you will be able to dedicate at least 45 minutes each day to read the contributions and make your own. We look forward to your active participation.

Background documents:

f you have any relevant documents which you feel would be of interest to other conference participants or would help us in our discussions, please either email them to me, or upload them yourself in the relevant section on this page: http://www.hedon.info/PISCES+E-conference.

Personal profile:

To facilitate discussions we are compiling participant profiles.
Please ensure your personal profile on HEDON is up to date.

Questions / comments:
Please contact me Miriam at hedon.info with any comments or questions.

Kind Regards

Miriam Hansen
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