PISCES E-conference

Preparing for the conference

Dear PISCES E-conference participants,

The start of the first PISCES E-conference is rapidly approaching, with our first presentation due on Monday 21 March. The presentations will run from 21-25 March with an extra week to allow for continued discussions to take place. This email aims to introduce you, as a signed up conference participant, to a number of practical details and arrangements.

Conference website:

The conference website can be accessed online at:


In order to access the site you will need to be signed into the HEDON website using your email address and password (http://www.hedon.info/login). If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one through the website. If you experience any difficulties, please email me (Miriam@hedon.info). I suggest you bookmark this page so you can return to it easily during the next weeks.

On the conference website you can change your email subscription options. For example if you do not want to receive notifications of posts by email make sure you click on the eye in the top right corner of the forum to remove the red cross and deactivate the watch. Or if you wish only to be notified of a specific discussion threads by email you can click on the smaller eye which appears at the top of each thread to place a red cross in this eye and remove the red cross from the eye in the main forum page.

Background documents:

A number of documents available only to conference participants will be placed on the conference website (http://www.hedon.info/PISCES+E-conference). This section will be updated regularly in the coming weeks and during the conference.
The documents will be available from Friday 18 March. We encourage you to take the opportunity to login to the website, and download these in preparation for the conference.

If you have any relevant documents that you feel would be of interest to other conference participants or would help us in our discussions, please either email them to me, or upload them yourself to the relevant documents section at the bottom of the conference webpage.

Invitation to others:

We currently have 53 signed up participants in the conference. If you know
of anyone else who you feel would make a useful contribution to the conference or who would benefit from it, please invite them to join the group. The webpage reference is:

http://www.hedon.info/PISCESMarch2011 (If they are not already registered with EHDON it will redirect them to the registration page).

What next?

We will shortly email you more information on the practical details of how the conference will be arranged. In the mean time, please contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Best wishes
Miriam Hansen
Email: Miriam at hedon.info
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