EWB E-conference 2011

How can we be Global Engineers of the future?

Dear All,

Thank you for your contributions to the e-conference so far. I am pleased to announce that the e-conference will remain open until Sunday 13th March.

The conference on Friday was a great success thanks to the hard work and endeavour of Katie and Hayley. The day kicked started with Deborah’s presentation from the Engineering Council. Here we reflected on how over the years engineering has developed and focused on our role today as Global Engineers. With many of us being engineers this highlighted the key global challenges that education needs to address in order to train and equip today’s engineers for the social, political, management, business and enterprise skills as well as environmental consequences necessary to be global engineers of today. Deborah emphasised the need to move away from the current pattern of thinking and highlighted the key role engineer’s play in developing the future.

Dr Carter talked on the increasing pressure on our planet today and that by 2030 food water and energy scarcity are paramount. Andrée made the clear point that we need to rethink what is sustainable giving the example of making fossil fuels last longer and questioning as to whether this is really a sustainable solution? As far as western governments response it is evident there needs to be one and an urgent one at that matter but the question remains as to what that response needs to be.

With the range and breadth of presentations and the challenges we are faced with as global engineers I would encourage you to contribute to these insightful discussions…How can we be global engineers? How should western governments be responding? and as Bianca Jagger highlighted at Eco Build on Thursday the situation of climate change is far worse than we are led to believe so what as Engineers without borders can we do to ensure the poor are not marginalized and that our actions reflect the urgency of our current situation?
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