EWB E-conference 2011

[EWB E-conference 2011] Poster session 1 : Questions for Authors

Graham, I think an interesting observation and I think Colin who is from Cameroon raised some very interesting observations here. These infact are summaries to go along side the posters which will be exhibited tomorrow at the live conference. Some posters compliment papers which do highlight field work and I believe whilst not mentioned in the briefs many of these projects stem from summer placements or are affiliated with NGOs in the field.

However, as was raised in one of the earlier discussions 'The Perfect Storm' we were looking at the need for enahnces education in developing countires in order to prevent the west conducting the analysis whilst those in the South carry out the field work. I think both Colin's observations and your response highlight too often the reality of development work that we come up with a solution we think will work but fail to conduct proper field trials and monitoring and evaluation of projects and can have devastating consequences.
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