EWB E-conference 2011

Energy: Marketing and Enterprise

With regards to CO2 emissions, I agree with both Mr Nienhuys and Mr Roggema, a rural villager probably does not have this high on their interest list. Indoor air pollution however also has detrimental health effects to the user. These do need to be addressed - the shell foundations marketing strategy in India is an interesting example here where the old and young Ama and the house with the improved cookstove are healthy, the older Ama has an old stove and odes not look healthy. They found just like the West everyone wants to look young and healthy and will buy into it even if that is not the underlying reason for marketing these devices. but the question still needs addressing and there is still huge scope for discussion, ideas and improvement in design and marketability of devices.
  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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