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Energy: Marketing and Enterprise

A post from Daniel Roggema:

I very much agree with Mr. Nienhuys' statements. What has been almost continually disappointing with improved stove projects, is that there has been the assumption that a stove with increased efficiency/reduced emissions would in itself present enough incentive for people to adopt the technology. -There needs to be real, additional and tangible benefits for the end user.
I recently sent an email to a number of people/organizations who in different ways have a vested interest/involvement in the issue of household energy in high altitude/ cold regions. The email includes a presentation of a prototype stove design with some rather unique end-user benefit potentials. The email is also a call for collaboration to get the system properly tested with instrumentation. I am not an engineer, and as such, I lack certain skills/knowledge to get it done. I apologize if I am being opportunistic of the forum, but I would gladly send a copy to anyone interested in the issue. Any guidance from EWB community would be highly appreciated.
Daniel Roggema
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