EWB E-conference 2011

Future challenges for international development: how do we address the "Perfect Storm"?

Liz that is a really interesting point and analogy. Yes it does indeed seem warped that we should analyse situations which are completely unfamiliar and okay we may have certain differing degrees of 'field' experience so to speak but unless you have grown up in a culture then there is always I imagine an unfamiliarity with it. Education plays such a key role in development and I feel too often overlooked and its not just our Education in the west but opportunities to provide education for those in areas where it is not readily accessible to all. Barriers to development too often come down to a lack of in country skills. An interesting project at Edinburgh University was looking at developing intermediate education in order to bridge that gap.

Would it be fair to say that in order to begin to achieve these goals we need to have a cross disciplinary approach? As engineers we are increasingly realising it is not just about fixing the technical problem. More and more the realisation of issues of sustainability and the fast approaching 2030 paradigm highlight the need to consider beyond the boundaries of technology and look at the longer term effects and social impacts on both society and our world. Transforming the aims of the higher education system is certainly one way to start to do this. I wonder whether Bland can shed any more light on this from his experience of setting up the course in sustainability at Manchester and the impacts it has had?
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