EWB E-conference 2011

Achieving our Global Future...summary from Monday

Today’s launch of the EWB-UK e-conference opened up some of the challenges we face relating to climate change, food security and the need to find sustainable energy solutions. As Katie mentioned we need to address issues of sustainable living in our own lives and the need for a new global paradigm but what shape this will take is still uncertain. Tony further question whether Carter feels the Western government taking sustainability seriously. There is most certainly a need to drive action and this is needed to be broached in all sectors of society.

This brings us to this afternoon’s presentation where Bland Thompson’s paper highlighted the need to address the way higher education focuses its efforts. We need to be training young people for the state of the world today. Scientists and engineers have to be prepared to find sustainable solutions and to solve the predicaments of degradation and waste and address the reality of climate change and the need to alleviate poverty.

One of the key points drawn from both sessions is the fact that it is not just technical solutions that are needed. We need to train and change our thought processes and behaviours. Education plays a fundamental role in all this both for the next generation in the west and also when addressing user needs in the south.

This takes us into four key areas of practice that of Energy Habitat, Watsan and Industry where we will spend the next four sessions focusing on the latest research in each of these sectors in turn and looking at how these ideas can play a part in addressing the 2030 paradigm and how they can impact our globes future.

We continue to welcome your contributions and input over the coming session. Please feel free to contribute to already running discussions or start a new stream where you have a new discussion topic that you want to start.

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