EWB E-conference 2011

Welcome to the EWB-UK E-conference 2011

Dear All,

Welcome to this years EWB-UK Research and Education E-conference.

We are delighted that you are able to join us as we discuss over the coming two weeks the latest research in the field of engineering for international development addressing key issues of sustainability, appropriate technology and the role of education in international development.

The week’s programme takes us through the key practice areas of Energy, Habitat, Water and Satiation and Industry. We also welcome a new session this year focused on the module approach and the embedded approach to engineering education at the Higher Education level. Each session gives an opportunity for focused discussions on these subject areas.

This morning we kick off with our two keynote presentations by
Deborah Seddon Engineering Council
Dr Andrée Carter UK Collaborative on Development Sciences

These presentations highlight some of the most fundamental challenges facing us in the areas of sustainability, ethics and the impact of climate change in meeting energy, food and water demands for our world.

These presentations are available to download from: http://www.hedon.info/EWB_RC_2011

Please browse the papers and post comments and questions for discussion here in the forum http://www.hedon.info/forum15.

Best wishes

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