New report: Poor People's Energy Outlook 2010

Dear HEDON readers,

Practical Action is pleased to announce the publication of the report:

  • Poor Peoples Energy Outlook 2010<http://www.practicalaction.org.uk/ppeo2010>

The Poor Peoples Energy Outlook presents a unique perspective on energy
access in developing countries. It reports in unprecedented detail the
experiences of energy use and deprivation of people living in poverty.

It is widely agreed now that access to energy is a prerequisite for poverty
reduction and human development modern energy services are essential to
meet basic and productive needs. And yet, the realities of the relationship
people living in poverty have with energy is not well understood. This
report seeks to address this issue in order to reconnect energy policy.

The Poor Peoples Energy Outlook is organised into three chapters:

- Chapter 1 describes peoples experience of six vital energy services;
Lighting, Cooking and water heating, Space heating, Cooling, Information and
communications, and energy for Earning a Living. It proposes a framework
for Total Energy Access, including a set of minimum energy service standards
and an energy access index.
- Chapter 2 features perspectives from five leading practitioners
discussing key issues in energy access; addressing challenges and
controversies in the sector.
- Chapter 3 presents an overview of the energy poverty outlook and the
long-term goal of universal energy access from sustainable sources. A
framework for action calls on the international community to rise to this
challenge. Recommendations on policy, financing and capabilities are
proposed towards creation of a vibrant energy access ecosystem of energy
product and service providers, engaging public, private and civil society

This publication will be of interest to anyone seeking to better understand
energy access and its role in development at a human scale.

Practical Action believes that Universal Energy Access is a goal which can
be met by 2030 if we act now. We hope this publication provides new
insights into the dimensions of energy poverty, and how it can be overcome.

We welcome your comments and feedback.

/ ppeo at practicalaction.org.uk

We would like to take this opportunity to thank UNDP and the many other
organisations who assisted in the production of this report. Our thanks go
also to contributing authors and reviewers from around the world.

Best regards,

Drew Corbyn

Junior Energy Consultant
Practical Action Consulting

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