by R C Pal, K S Sethi

Issue: 51

Journal section: General Article
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Received: 2010-08-11


In India, the State of Haryana comprises a total of 6759 villages, and an area of 44 000 km2. The majority of rural households in Haryana use fuels such as wood for cooking and heating, and kerosene for lighting. In addition, fuels like dung cake and crop residues (mustard, Guar and cotton stalks) are used widely.

TERI has implemented an improved cookstove project under the Haryana Community Forestry Project to enhance the income level of the local communities, to promote the use of biomass in a sustainable manner and to mitigate the adverse affect of poor indoor air quality. During this project, 234 improved cookstoves were constructed in four villages in two districts of the State.

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