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Issue: 67

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Received: 2015-08-26

Accepted: 2015-08-26


Scaling Sustainable Consumption and Production of the Soybean Processing Industry in Indonesia (SCOPE) was a three-year market development programme funded by the European Commission. The programme sought to address high resource intensity in the Indonesian tofu and tempeh sector, which employs approximately 285 000 low-wage workers in an estimated 85 000 enterprises. Through catalysing a shift in the production practices of micro and small tofu and tempeh enterprises in Jakarta, Indonesia, the programme stimulated uptake of cleaner production practices using clean burning fuels, hygienic equipment and process improvements. This learning study describes the key findings and lessons learnt through implementation.

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Tags: EnergyEfficiency    CleanerProduction    Indonesia    MarketDevelopment    CleanBurningFuels    ProductiveUse    Food-energyNexus    Micro-processing    Health    EnvironmentalTechnology   

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