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Issue: 59

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Received: 2010-11-08


This article provides an overview of initiatives to improve fuel efficiency in humanitarian aid situations, with special attention to fuel-related policies of Dutch humanitarian aid organizations. Also, it provides information on technologies to improve fuel efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources. It is concluded that safer and more effective fuels or energy technologies need to be mainstreamed into standard procedures and budgets of humanitarian aid agencies. This will strengthen the basis for long-term human and ecological security. To stimulate this, an advocacy and learning project has been set up on the issue of energy use – with a focus on household fuels – in humanitarian crisis response situations, by the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands in cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Security and DUVILLA.

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Tags: Fuel,    EnergyNeeds,    FuelPolicies,    AlternativeEnergy,    HumanitarianAid,    EmergencyResponse,    Darfur   

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