by Bernard T Luvhimbi, Harald H Jawurek

Issue: 38

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Received: 2010-10-04


Wood is still the predominant source of energy for cooking and water heating, but much of it is now purchased, rather than gathered.

South Africa is in the process of rapid electrification. The number of houses newly connected to the grid was approximately 623,000 for the period 1991 to 1993, 436,000 for 1994 and 478,00() for 1995. It is estimated that this programme will increase household access to electricity for the country from 35 per cent in 1990 to 80 per cent in 2010. The households being electrified are mainly those of low income areas. These include - in descending order of income and present access to electricity - the traditionally black, formal townships attached to cities and towns, informal urban communities (shack settlements) and rural settlements.

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