by Anne Sefu

Christian Council of Tanzania

Issue: 21

Journal section: General Articles
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Received: 2010-10-01


This paper gives an outline of the difficulties and successes encountered by the Morogoro Fuelwood Stove Project (MFSP). The MFSP is part of the Women's Training Centre (WTC) of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CHIT). The project began in 1985 with stove-making, tree-raising and environmental issues being introduced to the courses held at the VVTC. In addition, the project, together with its sister project, the Morogoro Women-focused Afforestation Project, ran twice-yearly special courses devoted to stoves and trees. Since 1985 MFSP has received funding Tom NORAD, and since July 1989, 20% of its resources have been provided by the CCT.

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