by Cornelia Sepp

Issue: 42

Journal section: Theme Articles
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Received: 2010-09-30

Accepted: 2010-09-30


The term 'urban forestry' indicates the simple fact that people purposefully plant and maintain trees amid their urban surroundings. However, urban forestry is by no means unique to developing countries; in fact, it is common for most regions of the world. The reasons for planting trees along roads, in public squares and private gardens are many:

* tangible reasons; such as food-production and fuelwood supplies
* intangible reasons; for recreation, to improve the quality of air, and to look attractive.

This article limits its scope to the Sahel region in the northern half of the African continent, so the role of urban forestry in industrialized Western countries has not been considered.

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Tags: urban    forestry    Sahelian    Africa   

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