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Received: 2010-09-07


In 2005, the Foyers Améliorés au Burkina Faso project was launched, financed jointly by the Netherlands Department for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Agency for Technical Operation. Since launch, the project has disseminated 70,000 improved cookstoves in Burkina Faso by applying a commercial approach without any direct subsidies. The stoves put on the market have been developed in the country and are thus corresponding to the users’ needs regarding cooking practices and affordability. The marketing campaigns conceived by the project consider the lifestyle of different target groups (rural, urban, and different regions in the country) and play on their main concerns: cost of fuel and dangers of open fire and smoke. Producers are given the opportunity to run their own marketing and commercialisation activities and prove – in contrast to governmental and institutional structures – to have an overwhelming interest in dissemination figures, because they tear a direct economic benefit from it. This article discusses in detail the steps by which this commercialisation is being achieved.

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