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Article A new standard on Pressurized paraffin-fuelled appliances from SABS The SABS has just published a world class safety standard for Pressurized paraffin-fuelled appliances known as SANS 1243:2007. The standard is a voluntary safety standard for all paraffin stoves and h
Article Arivi Stove Is A Finalist In This Year's Index Award The Arivi Non-Pressure paraffin stove, designed for BP, is the first stove in South Africa to pass SANS1906 standards. This ensures that the stove is safe, clean an more efficient than normal wick sto
Article Over 1,000 children poisoned by paraffin monthly More than 1,000 children under the age of five are treated for paraffin poisoning every month, the Paraffin Association of Southern Africa said on Thursday.
Article PASASA Press Release October 2007 The South African Minerals and Energy Ministry acknowledges the need to resolve [[LiquidFuelSafety|paraffin safety]]
Article South African government warns of dangers of paraffin stoves According to the EMS, (Joburg's Emergency Management Services) paraffin stoves, used by many people for cooking, are another potential danger.
Article The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) warns against a make of paraffin stove A Chinese-South African paraffin stove was a major fire hazard and should not be bought, the SABS has warned.
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