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Article 3rd International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair Date: 13-15 November 2012 Location: Dakar, Senegal: King Fahd Palace Hotel
Article “Save Energy, Save The Environment & Save Money'' Normal incandescent lamps consume more than 90% electricity for heating and 10% for illumination, so avoid it. For lights used more than 4 hours a day, use Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) or Energy Sa
Article Call for Proposals: GEF 2007 - Lighting Africa Development Marketplace Grant Competition The [[GEF]], in partnership with the [[World Bank]] is pleased to announce the launch of the Lighting Africa Development Marketplace Grant Competition.
Article LEDs Brighten the Future of the World's Most Vulnerable People and Places Gorilla reserve, Amazon basin, Sri Lankan refugee camps and Papua New Guinea first aid posts are among the new Light Up The World Foundation projects
Article Lighting Africa Development Marketplace Grant Competition-Call for Proposals The Development Marketplace (DM), is pleased to announce a competition for the design and delivery of low cost, high quality, non-fossil fuel-based lighting products for low income consumers in Sub-S
Article Practical Action Report: Poor People's Energy Outlook 2010 The Poor People's Energy Outlook presents a unique perspective on energy access in developing countries. It reports in unprecedented detail the experiences of energy use and deprivation of people livi
Article Solar Tuki" - An AlternativeTo "Wicked" Kerosene Lamp Wins US Innovation Award This solar-based lighting system from Nepal, has been awarded for innovation by the US-based Tech Museum. It comprises of a white light emitting diode, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, 3 w
Article Tanzania: Lighting Up Women's Lives In this article from the IPS network, Sarah McGregor reports on the role that energy has to play in woman's lives in Tanzania.
Article TERI Is Proposing To Launch The Lighting A Million Lives Campaign. TERI is looking for partners in this campaign to bring light into the lives of rural people in India
Article The Ashden Awards - Global green awards’ 2008 finalists announced Pioneering renewable energy projects from Africa, Asia and Latin America will each receive prizes of up to £20,000, with an overall Energy Champion winning up to £40,000. Winners will be revealed at
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