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Article 'Illegal' paraffin stoves a safety risk IIlegally imported stoves are flooding the South African market, crippling the local industry & posing health risks in poorer communities. A stove manufacturing company, which is approved by the SABS
Article "Quantification of Carbon Savings from Improved Biomass Cookstove Projects" Rufus Edwards, Department of Epidemiology, University of California Irvine has contributed a method paper for estimation of carbon savings from improved biomass projects based on statistically represe
Article $1 Million prize won by 'Trees Water and People' for distributing cleaner stoves for poor A Colorado group concerned that wasteful wood burning by the world's poor could doom efforts to slow global warming has won a $1 million prize for its work distributing tens of thousands of high-effi
Article 2009 Envirofit Africa Request for Proposals (RFP) Envirofit International is requesting proposals for projects centered on setting up innovative distribution and sales channels for disseminating Envirofit clean technology cookstoves into the African
Article A Course in Making A Rocket Stove with Insulated Brick Elbow Steven Offord will be teaching a short course over this coming weekend (10th 11th May,2008) based on an an Aprovecho brick rocket stove design. The venue is the Land Matters Community CoOp near Totnes
Article A Range of Clean Burning Biomass Stoves launched in India By Envirofit and Shell Foundation (UK) Shell Foundation India supports the project as part of their Breathing Space Program. There aim is to see 10 million stoves sold in five countries in the next five years.
Article A Small Stove With Big Ambitions Global energy giant BP is producing and marketing Oorja, which means energy in Hindu, a small pellet stove costing $17 that could reduce carbon emissions and improve women’s health in India
Article Arivi Stove Is A Finalist In This Year's Index Award The Arivi Non-Pressure paraffin stove, designed for BP, is the first stove in South Africa to pass SANS1906 standards. This ensures that the stove is safe, clean an more efficient than normal wick sto
Article Bangladesh introduces an improved stove to save fuel The Bangladeshi Government and GTZ are introducing an improved stove to the country with 10,000 being built every month
Article Barriers To Dissemination Of Renewable Energy Technologies For Cooking This paper was published 12 years ago in 1985 but the topic has relevance even today.The authors have discussed the barriers to the dissemination of renewable energy technologies .It is a must read fo
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