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Article 100 Million Stoves A Wireless Stove Use Monitoring System : Winner of Wireless Innovation Project Three small Berkeley companies (BioLite, Electronically Monitoring Ecosystems, and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group); and the Department of Environmental Health Engineering at Sri Ramachandra University
Article Abstract of a new paper on IAP and Health [[Health]] Benefits of Interventions that Reduce [[Indoor Air Pollution]] in Rural Nepal - by Dr Krishna Prasad Pant of the National Agriculture Research and Development Fund, Kathmandu, Nepal
Article Air Pollution Causing Serious Public Health Hazard in Hong Kong and Also In Kabul, Afganistan Air pollution in Kabul may be hastening the death of over 3,000 people every year. In Hong Kong it has caused more than 6,100 premature deaths.
Article BANGLADESH: Air pollution choking Dhaka Extract taken from IRIN, 3 April 2009: DHAKA - Thousands of people in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, are dying prematurely because of air pollution, say health experts.
Article Bolivia launches national campaign for clean cooking energy Within the next three years 100, 000 households in Bolivia will cook [[smoke]]-free. This is the aim of the ambitous campaign "Cocinas para una vida mejor" recently launched by the Bolivian Minister o
Article Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2009 'More health for your buck: health sector functions to secure environmental health.'
Article Chulha stove – 2009 INDEX Award Winner The stove is being made available by Philips Design to the universe of social entrepreneurs so that they can, free of charge, produce the stove themselves & generate local business while helping count
Article CO2-Related Air Pollution Is Causing 21,600 Extra Deaths Per Year On Average According to a report in New Scientist, the study, carried out by Mark Jacobson at Stanford University in California, reveals that air pollution associated with elevated carbon dioxide levels is alrea
Article Collecting Firewood Is The Main Chore Of The Women And Children Of The Urban Poor Families A 6 month survey by the NGO, Tathapi trust has revealed that shortage of kerosene and high cost of LPG is forcing poor urban families to return to collecting firewood and lighting chulhas to meet thei
Article Healthy cooking starts with the stove Harmful cookstove smoke is one of the top five threats to public health in poor developing countries.
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