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Article "Biofuels are not unsustainable and will not have a negative impact if..." According to Professor John Mathews, a "Biopact" - a trade agreement to guarantee market factors between the developed and developing countries will enable the expansion of global trade in biofuels un
Article 3rd Global Jatropha World 5 days Training Programme 2009 The training will be held between Jul 21, 2009 - Jul 25, 2009 Jaipur, Rajasthan India 331001.
Article Biofuel Scenario in India This is an excellent article by R S KUREEL, Director, National Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board, Gurgaon, Haryana,which gives a very comprehensive view of the work that is presently being
Article Biofuel Seen as Boost for Poor Farmers IPS, 17 August 2007 - The world's rural poor could benefit from a boom in fuel wrung from crops, despite worries that an accompanying surge in food prices could result in more hunger, say environment
Article Biofuels To Boost Rural Prosperity in India "It is possible to develop hybrid and transgenic technologies to use marginal lands for producing biofuel crops,"said Mr Ambani,CMD,Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)..
Article Engaging Women in Small-scale Production of Biofuels for Rural Energy This paper was presented at the North-South-South Forum on Biofuels, a side event by the Stockholm Environment Institute at the Washington International Renewable Energy Congress (WIREC) 2008.
Article FAO - Opportunities and risks of wood energy production The use of wood energy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can contribute to poverty reduction but the use of wood for fuel can result in deforestation or forest degradation if sustainable fo
Article FAO-PISCES Case Studies: Small scale bioenergy can benefit poor A report documenting the poverty impacts from biofuel & other bioenergy projects through 15 case studies from Africa, Asia,& Latin America has been published by FAO & PISCES, a UK government supporte
Article India Biofuels Annual Report 2009 India's biofuel strategy continues to focus on use of non-food sources for producton of biofuels: sugar molasses for production of ethanol for blending with gasoline, and non-edible oilseeds for produ
Article Joint Israeli-Jordanian Biofuel Project Israel and Jordan are joining forces to produce biofuel from agricultural waste in a project which will be showcased at Israel’s Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition (WATEC) this
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