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Article "Heat Exchangers"- a simple technique to improve fuel efficiency in winter cold regions ready for Scaling Up! Innovation developed in Central Asia has large potential to improve the efficiency of stove based winter heating systems in high mountainous areas of Asia and Latin America.
Article Ambulant food vendors (AFVs): A pilot project for the urban entrepreneurial poor in the Philippines The entrepreneurial poor helping the skilled and laboring poor for employment and to start their own micro-business is a genuine approach to poverty reduction.
Article Asia Regional Workshop in Vietnam - Measuring Change Measuring Change: Indoor Air Pollution and Household Energy Monitoring
Article Better Air Quality 2008: A Review The Better Air Quality 2008 ( http://www.baq2008.org/about BAQ 2008 ) workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 12 -14 November 2008.This year’s theme was “Air Quality and Climate Change: scaling
Article Bio-briquettes could help mitigate unemployment & deforestation in Timor-Leste, Asia DILI, 3 November 2009 (IRIN) - Bio-briquettes, a cheap and environmentally friendly fuel, could have the twin benefit of mitigating unemployment & deforestation in Timor-Leste - two significant proble
Article Carbon Solidarity Asia: A gateway to Carbon Finance for and by sustainable development practitioners This international cooperative of project developers aims at fostering Carbon finance for sustainable development. This unique endeavor seeks to inspire and support similar grassroots platforms in Afr
Article Lighting Lives: The newsletter of ENERGIA-Asia ENERGIA proudly presents the first issue of 'Lighting Lives', the newsletter of ENERGIA's regional network in Asia and congratulates the editorial team at the Centre for Rural Technology Nepal for pro
Article Manufacturer offers range of solar cookers for dissemination in Africa, Asia and South America "As a professional manufacturer of Solar Cookers, we can offer good quality products at a low price. Due to it's popularity, we can export thousands of sets every month."
Article New Forum to Help Develop Gender and Poverty-Sensitive Energy Policies in Asia-Pacific Region Forum launched at meeting on how to bring gender perspective to national energy policies of developing countries
Article Smoke from family stoves kills two million people a year Smoke from domestic fires kills nearly two million people each year and sickens millions more, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • A practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction.

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